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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are click bank engine affiliates and don’t ask our visitors to put their credit card or bank account details directly on our website. Users are supposed to click “BUY NOW” button and once they click they will be redirected towards the main website of the “2 week diet plan” from where they can buy their product.

Do We Cache Cookies?

As we do not ask our users to sign up, login or put their any other personal credentials so its clear that we don’t cache any cookies of our visitors.


What if We Don’t Like Product?

We are not responsible if you don’t like the product because we are just affiliates. In case, if you don’t like the final product then you will be dealt as per policies of “2 week diet plan” and you can contact they directly from their website.

Do We Ask Visitors For Their Emails?

No, we don’t ask our visitors to put their emails anywhere on the website. In future, maybe we will start asking for such credentials but for now we don’t ask anything like that.